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How to spend your time in Hydra island

Hydra, noble, glorious, cosmopolitan, rich in history and traditions with exceptional architecture and unique beauty is a source of inspiration for artists and intellectuals.

Hydra except its unalterable characteristics, its beaches, the blue sea, romantic walks, tranquility and nightlife in cosmopolitan style, offers the visitor intense activities for unforgettable days you spend on the island.

First of all, you should visit the Historical Archives-Museum of Hydra, the Ecclesiastical-Byzantine Museum, the historic mansion of Lazaros and Georgios Kountouriotis converted into museums and do not forget to stop by the art room "Melina Mercouri" and other art sites, especially during summer months when tey host many exhibitions of Greek and foreign artists.

Meet the town by strolling cobblestone streets amidst picturesque taverns and small shops with colorful folk art, admiring Hydrian houses with the peculiar architecture and continue with a walk on the pavement port of Hydra to "gaze" in the picturesque shops of the beach and relax at one of the cafes on the waterfront.

Shopping opportunities are many, from expensive handmade jewelry to cheap souvenirs as well from expensive clothes to sandals, hats and other handmade items.


In Hydra will find restaurants with great views, taverns, snack-taverns and grill shops in the picturesque narrow streets by the beach or in front of the port, offering Mediterranean and traditional Greek cuisine, prepared with local produce, fresh fish, squid, octopus, seafood and various herbs from the Hydraian mountains.

Also not forget to try the local sweet delicacies "amygdalota", made with an ancient recipe of almonds and rosewater.

Small night cafe, bar and club stacked in front of the port, in a cosmopolitan environment, offer relaxing moments initially and then nightlife.


Hydra is surrounded by crystal blue waters. Next to the harbor or further away from it are amazing beaches and places for swimming, water sports, fishing and some of them are ideal for children as it is very safe. In the most remote and secluded beaches, the beauty and solitude is breathtaking, you can go with boats or water taxis which leave from the downtown harbor.

Hydra is famous for its diverse natural environment, which is a paradise for walkers and nature lovers. There are eleven tracks, which you can follow on foot or on donkeys. On these routes, the view of the island you will see from the top is breathtaking.

Following the paths of the above routes among wild flowers, rare spentzes, cyclamen, poppies and thyme, you can visit old monasteries where you can admire, besides its architecture, and rare pictures and exhibits.

By boat or water taxi, which start from the port of Hydra, you can make the circumnavigation of Hydra and admire the whole coastline of the island and discover unique bays where you can swim.

In some beaches you can have fun with water sports, canoe, kayak and go fishing from the rocks or snorkeling in the rich fishing grounds of the island.

For those who love the "Cinema", there is a summer cinema "Gardenia", which are being dispaled all the good winter movies.

At times they are being made many exhibitions and concerts in various parts of the island, as well as many events planned by the municipality, especially "Miaouleia" , and during the summer months.

Hydra receives visitors throughout the year because of the very good climate that has, of the peculiarity of its territory and the short distance from Athens.

Each year with the celebration of October 28 and the celebration of March 25 there are two large sailing races following the marine route "departure from Faliro to Hydra, again depart from Hydra to Faliro". Each of the two routes is a distance of 36 nautical miles.

Every year on Hydra is the "HYDRA'S TRAIL EVENT", which tends to have an international character, with a total of five tracks, one for children and the other four for adults.

Visitors wishing to discover the unique coastline of the island, G & G Cruises offers all-day cruises, in which you make the tour of the island and swim in crystal clear green-blue waters, in secluded coves.

For the visitors who want, Maria Voulgari guides you to its Monuments, Museums and Mansions Hydra, while at the same time talking to you about the Cultural evolution, the History of Hydra and the role that Hydra had in the Greek Revolution of 1821.

Finally there is the Hydra Hydra Diving Center to discover the rich and colorful images of beautiful underwater world of Hydra. A unique diving experience will be unforgettable.