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En Plo

"En Plo" is one of the most quality snack-bar cafe in the island of Hydra with breathtaking sea and port view, charismatic location, and fine ambience. All these things make your stay more pleasant. It is located near the end of the port of Hydra island.

"En Plo" is the perfect way to have fun and enjoy the panoramic port view. You will taste a variety of food, including breakfast, coffees, milk shakes, chocolates, tea, omelets, toasts, sandwiches, fresh juices, baguettes, hot dogs, souvlaki, burgers, tortillas, cold meat, salads, ice creams, frozen yogurt, sorbet, desserts, waffles, refreshments, drinks, beers, and cocktails.

"En Plo" operates daily all the time, with fast service, polite waiters and quality services. Here you can combine your holidays and swim with our refreshments.