The Rafalias family has had a history of 400 years
on the island of Hydra.

Evangelos Rafalias (1868-1936) studied pharmacy
at the University of Athens and founded
the pharmacy in 1890.

His son, Andreas, became a doctor, so the pharmacy was
passed down to his pharmacist daughter-in-law, Kyriaki.
In 1978, the pharmacy was taken over by the founder's grandson, Evangelos, who is the owner until today.

This pharmacy is a unique architectural and cultural monument, as no renovations to the building or the interior have taken place.

The present-day proprietor, Evangelos Rafalias, goes to great means to preserve the original furniture, made of Swedish pinewood, a wood very resilient to diseases. Another interesting feature of this pharmacy is the extra hall, used in the past as an examining room. Lastly, the pharmacy boasts a great collection of porcelain and glass jars, antique equipment and rare pharmacy books.
Evangelos Rafalias
Hydra Island
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