* Our souvlaki is the true traditional mamma's souvlaki! Not a fastfood one.

* Our kalamakia (skewered meat) they are not the premade packaged ones! We ourselves cut into small bites fresh chicken and     skewer them by hand to the sticks.

* Our gyros is natural without artificial flavour to change the natural flavour of the meat.

* Our kontosouvli, kokoretsi and the chicken on the grill are trully amazing! Juicy and delicious will leave you the best of     impressions.

* Our potatoesare not pre-frozen! They are freshly cut and fried in our own oil!

* Do not forget to taste our salads! Freshly cut and cool! All made from us by our hands

* All of the above are made on to the grill with lots of care and with the best freshly-cut meats, which are combined perfectly     with our wine.