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    The rented apartments Elektra are housed in a traditional Hydrish residence, in which also lived one of the most famous Hydrish painters Pavlos Pandelakis. The rooms of the house are decorated with paintings that are created not only by him but also by his wife Elektra. That is why the residence has that beautiful, Greek name.

    It's a two storey residence with a yard rich in vegetation and a spacious balcony with tables and chairs. There also you can find a barbecue, which you can use if you request it.

    There is also a balcony with tables and chairs. There also you can find a barbecue, which you can use if you request it.

    Rooms to let "Elektra" is a classical islander house, located in a very quiet area and is only 5 minutes away from the port. The road is level and the visitor does not meet stairs to arrive at the house.

    You can admire and enjoy the traditional-hydrish architecture in the rooms of the ground floor where there are stone beds and wooden ceilings. There is a well equipped kitchen with refrigerators for common use.

    The rooms on the first floor are decorated in a more classical style with magnificent modern paintings and mural paintings too.

    In each room there are at least two windows, which means that they are airy, sunny and very comfortable. They all have their private bathroom and of course air - conditioning.

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    We are open all year round

    The prices vary according the season and the length of stay. They reach the maximum price of 45 € for a double room and 60 € for a triple room. We can offer better prices if you stay for many days for longer periods.

    To make a reservation, please get in contact with us.

    We will be glad to be helpful.

    ELEKTRA ROOMS, Hydra beach
    Tel.: 22980 - 54103, 52995, 6974421398
    Fax.: 22980 - 54103
    E-mail: pensionelektrahydra@gmail.com / panagiotisvlahopoulos@gmail.com

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    Rooms to let "Elektra" is a classical islander house, located in a very quiet area and is only 5 minutes away from the port. The road is level and the visitor does not meet stairs to arrive at the Guest house.

    The visitor, starting from the flying dolphins to the port, goes left to Alpha Bank and at the intersection goes right to the tavern "Xeri Elia". Passing the tavern "Xeri Elia", to the left is the Guesthouse, 100 meters from the beach.

    A great advantage of the Guest House is the quick access to the cosmopolitan harbor of Hydra, around which all the world of Hydra lives and moves.

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    Apart from its enduring natural attractions, the beaches, the blue sea, the romantic walks, the tranquility and cosmopolitan nightlife, Hydra offers the visitor a wide variety of unforgettable activities.

    Naturally, it's worth taking a short walk to the port of Hydra to visit, browse or simply "gaze" at the quaint little shops along the beach.

    Stroll along the cobblestone streets, between the picturesque taverns and small shops with colorful folk art, and admire the Hydra houses with their unique architecture.

    Visit the Historical Archive-Museum of Hydra, the Ecclesiastical-Byzantine Museum and the historic mansions of the Fighters of the Greek Revolution of 1821, which have also been turned into museums.

    Hydra is famous for its diverse natural environment, which is a paradise of the walker and nature lover. There are eleven tracks which you can follow on foot or by donkey. The view of the island from the hills above is fascinating.

    Following the route of these paths amongst wild flowers, the rare “spentzes”, cyclamen, poppies and thyme, you can visit the old monasteries where, in addition to the architecture, you can admire the unique artifacts and exhibits.

    By boat or by water taxi from the port of Hydra, you can circumnavigate the island of Hydra, admiring the entire coastline and discovering unique bays, where you can swim in peace away from ‘the madding crowd’.

    On some beaches you can enjoy many water sports, including canoeing and kayaking or go fishing from the rocks and snorkeling in the rich fishing grounds.

    For those who love watching movies, there is the cinema "Gardenia", which shows most of the successful winter movies.

    At times, the island hosts many exhibitions and concerts in the "Melina Mercouri" art gallery, as well as many events planned by the municipality, especially in "Miaouleia" during the summer months.

    The Hydra Diving Center is a must for anyone to experience the rich and colorful images of the beautiful underwater world around the island, a unique, unforgettable diving experience.

    Activities Activities Activities Activities Activities Activities Activities Activities
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    Reaching the port, Hydra island looks glamorous like an art-paint, with grey, white and blue colours above the blue of the sea, an exemplar of architectonics and aesthetics. The town of Hydra island, which is the centre of the whole island, is built amphitheatrically around the port, combining nature and architecture.

    From your very first visit, a magic feeling surrounds you. Perhaps it's in the unique architecture and graphic scenes throughout the Island, or perhaps it's in its long history and rich heritage, or even - a fusion of all. A stroll through the town's picturesque cobble stone streets, will convince you of its uniqueness. The visitor, coming for the first time, is impressed from the view of the tall buildings and Manors, which exist in the port.

    Right and left from the entrance of the port, there are the Parapets with the Canons, which protected the town. Today, the port of Hydra is filled with little and big yachts, boats and cruisers. You can walk to the port, the heart of the town, take a stroll at the tourist shops, admire the old Manors and visit the Museum of Hydra island.

    Also you can stroll the picturesque narrow cobble stone alleys and reach the old Settlement of the town, to the medieval fortress town of Kiafa and from there to enjoy the view toward the Peloponnese. Main characteristic of Hydra is that there are no wheeled vehicles and the transportation of people is being made only by donkeys, a thing that makes the Island even more pictursque. For swimming in the town, there are offered the rocks of Spilia, Hydroneta, and a short distance from there, Avlaki, Kamini and cosmopolitan Mandraki.

    The connection of the town with the other beautiful beaches, Vlycho, Saint Nicholas, Bisti ... is being done only from the sea with boats or sea taxis. Today the residents of Hydra do not exceed 3,000 and nearly everyone involved with tourism.In Hydra is located the Cathedral of Hydra - Spetses - Poros -Aigina. The Cathedral of Hydra accommodates the Town Hall and the Ecclesiastic museum.

    Hydra is famous for the calm life is offers to the visitors in the day, but also for the intense, cosmopolitan night life. So the island each year receives a large number of Greek and foreign visitors.

    Hydra, with its peculiar architecture and continuous supply of tourism and cultural life remains the jewel of the Gulf Islands and one of the greatest resorts in Greece.

    Hydra island Hydra island Hydra island Hydra island Hydra island Hydra island Hydra island Hydra island Hydra island Hydra island Hydra island
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    From the port of Piraeus there are daily depertures of Flying dolphins, for Hydra, which accepts only passengers. There are daily departures according the season.

    The trip for the flying dolphins last for one hour and 30 minutes and approximately one hour and 45 minutes for the flying cats.

    The timetables are executed by : Hellenic Seaways: Τηλ. 210-4117341, SCHEDULES

    The flying Dolphins agency of Hellenic Seaways is located in the center of the Hydra beach. Contact telephones (+30) 22980-54007, 53812.


    If you own or rent a car, you can easily get from Athens to Hydra in 2 hours and 45 minutes. Through Attiki Odos, get on the National Road Athens – Corinth and make a left after the canal heading towards Epidauros (Corinth Exit B - Epidavros).

    Drive for about 30 minutes and you reach the intersection of Epidaurus. Before getting there, you will see signs to Poros or Spetses. At the junction turn right and immediately drive under the bridge and make a left.

    Then, follow the new road, making sure you don’t miss the sign to Poros. At this point, slightly turn left for Poros and you will reach Galata in 30 minutes. You continue on the coastal road and in a half an hour you reach Metochi. Your trip from Athens to Metochi will approximately last 2 hours and 30 minutes.

    Metochi is a location opposite from Hydra, where there is a free public parking to leave your car and then come across to Hydra with daily departures of the boats "FREEDOM Ι", "FREEDOM ΙΙ" & FREEDOM III that lasts approximately 20 minutes.


    From Hermioni, for those who come by car from Kranidi, Porto Cheli, Kosta or other regions of the Peloponnese or from Athens, they can pass to Hydra island with the boat SPEED BOAT "CHRISTOS", daily, in 30 minutes.

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    For more information please call us or send us an email. Thank you!.